Bags For Watering Trees

- Apr 02, 2020-

Two days ago, a German customer asked us to produce bags for watering trees now. How about the delivery time?

According to the quantity that he ordered in us in the past, about 20,000, we reply that the production time is about 40 to 50 days.

He wants to discuss it with his guests again, because Germany is also now suffering from new crown pneumonia, and then they can only communicate with our colleagues at home about our order for this plant irrigation water bag.

Two days later, he received a reply saying that they planned to put the order for this garden tree bag first, and let us know when the epidemic situation improved.

In fact, during this period, orders have been received from customers one after another, and of course there have been cases where orders have been received and then cancelled. An American customer who made a waterproof bag the day before yesterday cancelled the order. This very period is also very helpless.

However, we also look forward to the day after the epidemic, and everything will be fine.

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