Advantages Of Tree Watering Bag

- Nov 21, 2020-

Tree watering bag is suitable for planting saplings in arid areas. A bag of water can slowly seep within 3-8 hours after being filled to keep the roots of the saplings moist. The saplings can significantly increase the survival rate in the dry season, without frequent manual watering, saving Water is used and labor is saved. The bag body is made of anti-ultraviolet material, which is resistant to aging and has a long service life, and can be used with nutrient solution.

tree watering bag


1. Place the water bag around the bottom of the tree trunk, tighten the zipper, and put the water pipe into the upper water inlet to start watering.

2. When the water is poured into about 1/4, slightly lift the two black webbings above the bag body to make the water fill more fully (you can reasonably add nutrient solution, fertilizer, medicine, etc. according to needs)

3. After being filled with water, the water in the bag will slowly penetrate and empty within 3-8 hours.

4. When not in use for a long time, the water bag can be cleaned, folded neatly, and stored for future use.

5. One or two water bags can be spliced and used together.

Advantages of tree watering bag:

1. Water saving: Drip irrigation is a method of partial irrigation of tree roots. It can accurately irrigate and transport water according to the needs of crops, which is very water-saving. It saves more than 30% water than ground flood irrigation.

2. Strong adaptability: drip irrigation has low drip strength and can adapt to clay soils with low infiltration. Due to the long irrigation time and frequent irrigation, it will not cause serious deep layers even in sandy soils with large water permeability. leakage.

3. Increase production: Maintain a stable soil moisture to increase the survival rate of trees. Drip irrigation can provide water and fertilization to the roots of trees in a timely and appropriate amount, without causing soil compaction, and provide good water and nutrients for tree production.

4. Labor saving: drip irrigation is convenient for automatic control, saving labor, and can also be used for fertilization and pesticide application, that is, saving fertilizer and medicine, and labor, which is very convenient.


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