A Manufacturing Method Of Potted Single Pot Drip Irrigation Device

- Sep 15, 2019-

Drip irrigation is widely used not only in planting field, but also in gardening and potting field. Potted drip irrigation is mainly carried out by drip arrows. It often uses transfer joints to connect single or several drip arrows directly for potted drip irrigation, while transfer joints are directly connected with tap pipes to reduce flow through labyrinth channels inside drip arrows. Drip irrigation, but before watering, tap water often needs to be aired to remove chlorine and some antiviral reagents. Conventional drip irrigation can not meet this demand, which has a certain impact on the life and growth of potted plants. Conventional drip irrigation water pipe has a great impact on beauty, and the general household or office potted plants. Often encounter the situation that there is no tap in place, especially in the office, the conventional dripping arrow equipment can not be used at all. At this time, people often use the container to fill water and connect with the dripping arrow pipeline by themselves. The refitting is troublesome and unstable. The water in the container can easily be converted into stagnant water, and its water molecule aggregation will also affect the irrigation efficiency. As a result, the existing drip arrows are easily blocked, cleaned up after blocking and their troubles are often disposed of as scrap. At the same time, the flow rate is fixed, and the drip arrows are often selected on demand when purchasing. It is easy to water too much or too little when drip irrigation different plants. In the existing technology, such as the application number of 20121120091.3. The utility model patents include claws, water tanks and dripping arrows. The water tank is fixed at the upper end of the claw. The upper end of the water tank is rotated and connected with a box cover. The upper end of the box cover is fixed with a solar battery plate. The agitating blade is rotated and connected in the water tank. The lower end of the rotating shaft of the agitating blade is connected with the motor. The water tank and the filter head are connected through silicon. The rubber hose is connected, the filter head is fixedly connected with the filter screen, the filter head is connected with the dripping arrow thread, the filter head is also fixed with the adjustment box, the left side of the adjustment box is opened with an opening, the opening of the adjustment box is rotated with a stop door, the right side wall of the adjustment box is threaded with an adjustment screw rod, and the left end of the adjustment screw rod is fixedly connected with an extrusion block. There is also a storage tank on the right side wall of the regulating box. Although the utility model can drip irrigation potted plants, the water tank placed above the potted plants affects the growth of potted plants and is not beautiful. The cleaning or replacement of the filter screen is inconvenient and can not meet the user's needs.

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