2020 New Year Party

- Jan 07, 2020-

Chinese New Year is coming soon, and it's January 1st every year. At this time, no matter how busy, no matter how many collapsible rain barrels are not produced, whether the automatic tree watering bag packaging for garden irrigation is completed, whether the waterproof bag material has expired, whether the waterproof hiking backpack is printed, Everyone waiting for the portable pressure shower bag is anxious. On this day, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. will hold the annual meeting. All employees of the company will participate if there is no special situation.

On January 1, 2020, the annual meeting of Broadwood Industrial Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled。

In addition to eating, drinking, singing and dancing, everyone was enthusiastic at the annual meeting, and there were many really fun and interactive annual meeting games. Let's take a look at the annual meeting of LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd.

Event Name: 2020 New Year Party

Keynote of the event: festive, cheerful, grand, grand

Theme: Customer-centric, Struggle-oriented

Purpose of the activity: To summarize the company's work performance in 2019 and look forward to the company's development vision in 2020; at the same time, to enrich the corporate cultural life of employees, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, enhance the internal cohesion of employees, and promote communication, exchange and teamwork awareness among employees .

Event Date: January 01, 2020 16: 00-20: 00

Venue: Crown Hotel

Number of participants: 171 members of Lowood Industrial Co., Ltd., some 30 partners and guests, a total of 201 people.

Activities: General Manager's Speech, Cultural Performance, Dinner

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