Why hammocks are popular?

- Mar 11, 2020-

Why hammocks are popular?

Lets look at hammocks' function first,

 hammocks function

Rainproof: Prepare a piece of plastic film slightly longer than the hammock and about two meters wide when you sleep in the wild. When it rains, place the film "∧" on the pull cord above the hammock so that it covers the hammock. .

Anti-mosquito bites: Prepare a piece of gauze of appropriate size. Use the same method to place the gauze on one end of the camper's head, and use a clothes clip to clamp the gauze with the hammock to prevent mosquitoes from biting the head. Use cotton swabs impregnated with the pesticide solution to make a circle and tie it to the ropes at the two ends of the hammock, or spray the pesticide directly on the upper and lower ends of the ropes on the trunk hammock to prevent ants, spiders, maggots and other insects from climbing. Into the hammock.

It is true that it would be even better to have a hammock-free tent.

Processing method: strong rope with moderate thickness. Use a shuttle to wind the rope evenly on the shuttle. Then use a relatively strong rope as the outline rope (the outline rope is the one that was later tied to the tree), and use the knot weaving method. If you want to make a decorative hammock, you can twine the two colors of rope on the two shuttles and weave them alternately. The method is similar to the monochrome weaving method.

camping waterproof hammock

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