Which antivirus mask is good?

- Apr 17, 2020-

 When the new coronary pneumonia is more serious, everyone will wear a face mask to go out or stay at home. But which kind of face mask  is anti virus? Let's have a look.

1. The difference between viruses and germs: the size of germs is generally about 3 microns, and ordinary disposable medical masks can be blocked; the size of viruses is more thought, generally below 1 micron, so masks with better filtering effects are needed.

2. The key to anti-virus masks is that the filtering effect of the mask is good, the sealing effect is good and the safety of the mask material.

3. Which masks can prevent viruses are better: KN90 mask and KN95 mask levels are good.

4. Products with high cost performance: LN9001 masks, the filtering effect reaches the KN95 level face mask, and the breathing is comfortable, the sealing effect is good, but the price is a little higher; PM1 disposable masks were sampled by the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau in March 2015, including 3M 69 batches of products have the highest filtering effect, reaching 99.1%, which is better for virus protection, but compared with products above KN90 level, the price is low but the sealing is quite poor. Masks to enhance its tightness to achieve the highest cost performance.

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