What should I pay attention to when camping?

- Aug 17, 2020-

What should I pay attention to when camping?

1. Waterproof problem

In the rainy season or rainy areas, especially for long time crossings, the entire activity will encounter great troubles such as insufficient waterproof preparation. Therefore, prepare waterproof bags and mobile phone waterproof bags in advance. You can put dry clothes, cameras, batteries, food and other items inside to avoid being damaged by moisture.

2. Drinking water problem

When crossing short distances, if it is known that it is difficult to replenish water, you should bring enough drinking water, about 2 liters per person per day (if FB meals are not required). It can be equipped with an outdoor drinking water bag for drinking at any time. For long-distance crossings, water can be taken from the streams, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes on the way, but the pollution must be observed. When there is a lot of sand in the water, let the water settle for more than 10 minutes.

 3. Camping problem

Find a safe, sheltered, dry, and level place to camp. Remember to bring waterproof camping tents, inflatable cushions, outdoor sleeping bags and other outdoor supplies. At this time, pay attention to the surrounding environment, try not to camp on the riverside, unless it is determined that it is a dry season, the water level will not change. The camp should not be close to the water, there are more mosquitoes.

Fourth, the issue of keeping warm

In many areas (such as deserts and mountainous areas), there is a large temperature difference between day and night, and in some areas, there will be a large temperature difference within a few hours when the altitude rises. You must bring warm clothes, duck down sleeping bags, etc. Keeping warm is necessary, especially after sweating heavily and before going to bed.

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