What is waist bag?

- Mar 10, 2020-

Waist bag is an outdoor sports bag fixed to the waist. The size of the pack is small. The shape of the pack changes according to the function requirements of the pack. The shape of the waist bag changes from the original pack. Wait for the production, the color of the waist pack is mostly achromatic and colored.Or colored gray. Can be used for traveling or daily life.

For example, when running, small items such as belongings, mobile phones, wallets, etc. are not convenient to carry, and you cannot take a backpack that takes up a lot of volume. This is a small waist bag that can come in handy.

Depending on the material of the bodypack, the waterproof level is also different.

At present, the waist bag made of nylon material, cordura material, etc. is still good in water resistance, and it is light and soft. Comfortable to the touch. Very popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

waterproof bag with shoulder strap

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