What is Ultraviolet disinfection lamp

- May 28, 2020-

Ultraviolet disinfection lamp is to use ultraviolet to kill bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria, coronavirus, fungi, rickettsia and chlamydia, etc., the surface of the objects contaminated by the virus, water and air can be disinfected by ultraviolet .

Humans have long used the tradition of partial sterilization of ultraviolet light in sunlight. Researchers at home and abroad have been studying ultraviolet light for more than 200 years. Since the first ultraviolet germicidal lamp was invented by Dr. Heraeus in Germany, ultraviolet germicidal technology has been more widely used in more and more fields, especially in Air sterilization, object surface sterilization, and water treatment sterilization.

 The scientific principle of ultraviolet disinfection: it mainly acts on the DNA of microorganisms, destroys the DNA structure, and makes it lose the functions of reproduction and self-replication to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection. Ultraviolet sterilization has the advantages of colorless, odorless, and no chemical substances. It has increasingly replaced the traditional chlorine and bleach powder sterilization technology in the field of water treatment. Since Canada began using actual ultraviolet water treatment plants in 1982, the technology has been widely adopted in the United States, Europe, and India.

This kind of disinfection lamp is very suitable for disinfection during the recent new coronavirus.

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