What is the padding of a sleeping bag?

- Dec 06, 2019-

What is the padding of a sleeping bag?

What is the padding of a sleeping bag? What is the padding of the sleeping bag we normally use for outdoor activities? There are two main types of packing: down and synthetic cotton, plus a single fleece bag.

Down is divided into duck down and goose down, under the same conditions, the warmth of goose down is slightly higher than duck down. Down has three main performance indicators: the first indicator is the filling weight, such as 400 grams of goose down sleeping bag, 1100 grams of duck down sleeping bag. The second indicator is the amount of down. Down is made up of feather and feather. Feather has a supporting effect. The wool content is expressed as a percentage. For example, 80 velvet means that the wool content in 100 units of weight is 80 units. 

Generally, the highest feather content of duck down is 85 to 90, and that of goose down is 90 to 95. The third indicator is the expansion of down, which is the number of cubic inches per ounce of down under 68.4 grams of pressure. The higher the expansion of down, the better the insulation. Generally, the inflating degree of domestic duck down is around 450, while the inflating degree of domestic goose down is from 450 to 600. Andean goose down imported from the United States can contain up to about 95, with a maximum expansion of 700 to 800.

The market sometimes finds very cheap down products, such as 100 yuan a down jacket, 150 yuan a duck down sleeping bag, such products are generally not optional. Because down there are two other indicators that the average person can not test on the spot: oxygen consumption index and cleanliness. Down need to go through a number of professional cleaning procedures to remove fat, some small vendors to the primary down slightly after cleaning into finished products, these products simply cannot be used, the simple identification method is to use a stick to knock the finished products, there will be dust leakage, smell will have a peculiar smell, if cleaning, there is a smell in the water. Down itself is a high quality product, I hope you buy a really good product.

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