What is the difference between a camping tent and a military tent?

- Jun 18, 2019-

Camping tents are currently popular tents. Many outdoor sports enthusiasts are bothering a problem. What is the difference between camping tents and military tents? Many people will confuse camping tents with military tents. In fact, military tents are structured from Performance and features can be clearly distinguished. Of course, this is not to say that the camping tent is not good enough. It can only be said that the suitable people are different. Just like an adult can eat a pound of food a day, and a child can eat enough food to eat 2 3 two food a day, the demand is different determines their quality difference.

Military tents: Military tents are also called construction tents, cotton tents, disaster relief tents, civilian tents, etc. It is one of the categories of tents, mainly used for field long-term/short-term residences such as field inspection, exploration, disaster relief, and camping. The biggest difference between military tents and ordinary outdoor tourist tents is the structure and area. The brackets for disaster relief tents are usually welded with square tubes of 3cm x 3cmx and 0.2cm wall thickness. They have strong snow bearing capacity and wind resistance. It is a canvas (outer) felt (middle) oxford cloth (inside) three-layer structure, which can ensure the winter and summer cool, heat preservation and cold resistance. Military tents look no different from ordinary tiles, with ridges, screens, translucent panels, and so on. The size is 6 meters x 4.6 meters, the height is based on the height of the military bunk bed.

Camping tents: camping tents are also called outdoor tents, tourist tents, mountaineering tents... This type of tents are designed with a focus on shape and weight, because outdoor trips require long distances, and tents that are too heavy will result in physical fitness. Discounted, there are two kinds of brackets commonly used in tourist tents, namely glass steel rods and aluminum alloy rods. The space area is most common in 2 people. Although military tents and camping tents are used outdoors, the fabrics are completely different. The requirements for fabrics for military tents are much higher than those for camping tents. There is a big difference between water resistance and fabric quality.

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