What is the best time to buy an outdoor tent for the first time?

- Jun 10, 2019-

Many outdoor enthusiasts will be overwhelmed by the choice of color when they first buy an outdoor tent. However, a good color tent will make your trip full and comfortable, and there will be a sweet dream on the night. . We must know that choosing a tent is not a vegetable market to buy food. If you choose a suitable tent, you can play its unique role. So what color do we use to buy the outdoor tent for the first time?

1. When purchasing a account, you should generally choose a color with bright colors. Intent: To facilitate the discovery and rescue of other people's needs. The wake-up color can be easily found in woods, snow, deserts, beaches and bad weather. For campers and mountain climbers, a colorful camp can cut off the onset of getting lost. Defects: In some cases, a dissonant color account appears in the picturesque local area, which is considered by others to be a kind of visual pollution. Therefore, if there are many tourists who are unlikely to have an emergency, try to choose a color that is harmonious with the environment.

 2. In addition, the color of the account will affect the light and temperature inside the account: if the high brightness account is light transmissive, the heat transferred together will be higher. There is also a low-light account that will have poor light transmission, and will also block some of the natural heat sources that the sun provides to us, affecting the activities of individuals in the account, especially in the case of poor weather. The difference between the two.

The color of the tent is selected based on:

1. The accounts generally used for snowy mountains are mostly yellow or orange, which looks very professional. However, if most of the time is used for low-altitude mountain crossing activities, the yellow foreign account is easier to recruit small flying insects. Therefore, the recommended colors are blue, green, red and orange, and other intent colors, as well as a beloved pink account.

2, if it is summer in Hainan Island or plateau glaciers, must use white, anti-UV.

3. If you are investigating wild animals, then it is better to use green-based camouflage. 3, if it is a bad snow, the color should be gorgeous, so as to find the "wolf."

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