What is portable pressure shower

- Oct 03, 2019-

The outdoor pressure bag consists of a bucket, a pedal pump and a waterproof carrying bag of the same material. It is a portable outdoor shower bag.


 The water capacity of the tank is about 10-11 liters.


You just go outside to get water and put it in a tank or bucket. You can step on the foot pump and take a bath directly.


 It can also be used to wash cars, water flowers, wash vegetables and so on. It is a water-washing craft used for outdoor travel, hiking and other activities.


The shower head is made of ABS material. It is rugged and durable, and the size of the spray can be controlled by the number and speed of pedal pumps.


 The pipe material connecting the barrel and the pedal pump is rubber material, which is about 2 meters long. You can turn on the load at any time.


 There are two different materials for your choice, TPU material and PVC tent fabric.


The PVC fabric of this bath bag is a kind of environmental protection material. If used properly, the use time will not be 5-8 years. TPU material is a food-grade material with longer service life, more environmental protection and easier manufacturing. It feels smoother.


Therefore, generally speaking, the price of TPU materials for camping pressure shower bags is relatively high, which is suitable for some high-end markets. PVC tents are relatively affordable and suitable for some mid-market.

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