What is picnic mat

- Sep 26, 2019-

The picnic mat

Category: textiles

 Also known as picnic carpet, multi-functional blanket, cushion, used for outdoor picnic mat, fitness mat, climbing mat, beach mat, damp mat, tent bottom pad and so on.


[product category] leisure products.


【 characteristics 】


★ fabric: the use of shaking fleece fabric, not easy to depilate.


 ★ nelli: compound sponge, soft and comfortable texture.


★ back :PVC paste bottom, waterproof and dirt resistant.


 ★ function: adopt European and American popular integrated folding design, along the crease on the seat cushion, can easily fold back into original sample, various styles, portable bag type, cylinder type, bag type, etc., easy to carry.


[inspection standard]


★ color fastness: fade grade 4;


Rubbing fastness: dry rubbing grade 4, wet rubbing grade 2-3;


Dimensional stability ≦±3%;


★ low cadmium without azo, cadmium content ≤ 100ppm.


[normal size]


180 cm * 150 cm

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