What is Green house?

- Mar 18, 2020-

More and More people like Green houses. But What is Green house?

Greenhouse is a new type of the most comfortable heating method, with reasonable temperature distribution, which meets the physiological needs of the human body, can improve blood circulation and promote metabolism. 

The room temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top, giving a good feeling of "warm feet and cool heads". 

Moreover, the problems of heating in winter (constant temperature house) and large flow of domestic hot water (constant temperature) are simultaneously solved. Without changing the humidity of the air, there will not be the slightest feeling of being roasted in winter.

Conservatory, conservatory. Buildings to protect ornamental plants are usually attached to the garden( called garden green house ) , and it was not until the 19th century that the buildings were dedicated to the cultivation of winter plants (see greenhouse). It evolved from the orangery, as a decorative architectural feature representing the owner's social status. The Palm Greenhouse in the Kew Botanical Gardens near London is a masterpiece of the conservatory building boom. The Crystal Palace of the Great London Exposition designed by Joseph Paxton in 1851 was based on his previous design of the greenhouse.

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