What is collapsible drinkable water tank?

- Mar 12, 2020-

What should I do if I need drinking water in special occasions such as outdoors?

Here we introduce a drinking water tank that can be easily carried outdoors.

This drinking water tank can be folded and made of food-grade TPU.

This foldable drinking water tank is filled with water. Water is most directly related to the health of the person. If there is no good container, pure water will be contaminated by secondary pollution, causing the pure water to deteriorate or not be drinkable. The quality of the bucket is also worthy of everyone's attention. Let's use an analogy: if the bucket's pure water quality and all aspects are good, if you use a bucket made of recycled materials, the bucket of pure water will definitely be polluted, because the buckets made of recycled materials It contains a large amount of regenerative bacteria. These bacteria will drink into the body with pure water and cause physical harm. If pure water is used in buckets made of brand-new materials from qualified food containers, this bucket of water will definitely not be affected.

A qualified bucket bucket is strictly tested by various departments. It does not mean that it can be used in a water plant after production. Each bucket bucket must pass the QS certification product quality certification and must have a production license to produce. of. For example, this outdoor drinking water tank produced by Broadwood Industrial Co., Ltd. is strictly produced and sold according to needs.

In the production of barreled buckets, there is also a very strict fixation. For example, it can not be recycled and the material must be melted and blown at high temperature during production. It is not possible to add 50% new material and 50% recycling. It is marked on the food packaging container that this drinking water container must be made of brand new raw materials.

During the production process, the manufacturer must print on the bottom of the bucket: the QS certification number, material name, and production date are unqualified products without these types of stamps. It is recommended that you do not buy.

The standard barrel bucket must conform to the national B14942-94 food container. It also said that the barrel bucket is also food grade and has product standards. You can look at the standards for drinking water containers.

A standard drinking water tank standard is smooth without any impurities, black spots, pits, etc. If the barrel has black spots, pits, impurities, it is proved that the material is made of recycled materials, and everyone must be clear The material of the barrel should not be purchased blindly.

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