What is camping mats?

- Nov 26, 2020-

Camping mats, also known as lawn mats, outdoor picnic mats, beach mats, moisture-proof mats, tent bottom mats, etc. Mainly used in the suburbs, garden grass. The texture is soft and easy to carry. It can not only take care of the grass, let them thrive, and add greenery to the earth. Its stylish and natural colors can also add a lot of fun to camping.

Let's take a look at what are the functions of the camping mat?

1. Maintain the space environment. There are all kinds of grass clippings on the outdoor grass. If you sit directly on the grass clippings, these grass clippings will get all over your body. Putting the things you carry directly on the grass will easily get dirty and affect your mood. You can block these by laying a camping mat.2. Camping mats protect the grass. The net structure of the camping mat gives it excellent breathability. On the grass that is several square meters wide, the range of people's activities is relatively small, so that it is easy to trample on the growing grass, and the camping mat can play a protective role.

3. Easy to carry and organize. Spread a variety of delicacies on the camping mat, and clean up these "endgames" after camping is simple and convenient, without looking for damaged vegetation or natural environment on the grass.

4. It is made of high-grade cloth and non-toxic PVC material foamed at high temperature, high resilience, moisture-proof, cool-proof, heat-insulating, comfortable and beautiful. It is necessary to spread out on the lawn or beach to rest, eat and go out when the photographer is out for shooting or when a family is outing.

5. It is also suitable for cold and humid environments. It can be placed outdoors (on the grass in the park, on the brick floor, on the beach by the sea, etc.) for family picnics and fishing. It is large without seams and heat preservation.

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