What are the precautions when using a hammock?

- May 22, 2020-

Hammocks are now also loved by the majority of outdoor enthusiasts. When traveling outdoors, I always like to bring a hammock when I am outdoors, lying in a daze, chatting, reading a book, it is very comfortable.

What are the precautions when using a camping hammock?

First, rain. When you are sleeping outdoors, prepare a plastic film that is slightly longer than the hammock and about two meters wide. When it rains, place the film as "∧" on the pull line above the outdoor hammock, so that it covers the hammock, which can prevent rain.


Second, prevent mosquito bites: prepare a piece of gauze of appropriate size, arrange the gauze on the end of the camper's head in the same way as the film, and use the clothes clip to clamp the gauze and the fabric hammock together to prevent mosquitoes from biting the head .

Wrap the cotton swabs soaked in the liquid of the pesticidal agent in a circle and tie it to the tethers at both ends of the hammock, or spray the pesticidal agent directly on the upper and lower ends of the tethered rope of the trunk hammock to prevent ants, spiders, centipedes and other insects from climbing Into the hammock.

Third: materials and weight. Generally a single hammock can bear a big fat man. If it is not a double hammock, the height is very high, and two people with heavy weights should not lie on the same hammock at the same time to prevent the hammock from breaking and causing people to fall.

It is true that if you can have a special tent with hammocks, it is even more beautiful.

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