What are the outdoor equipment

- Oct 23, 2019-

What are the outdoor equipment? Camping articles


1. Sleeping bag (small size is better for down sleeping bag, saving space, and what season to consider)


2. Sleeping bag liner (if not camping, grab a fleece or cotton bag liner to prevent dirt)


3, tent (ordinary camping, waterproof tent general will be ok, tent to small and light)


4. Tent mat (keep the bottom of the tent from wear and tear)


5. Aluminum film floor mat (lightweight and convenient to carry, and can also be used as a photographic reflector)


6. Anti-damp mat (the kind that can be used anytime and anywhere, and the air-cushion is better)


What are the outdoor goods? Cooker article


1. Gas tank (use with furnace head, pay attention to carrying safety)


2. Stove head (hot things can also be eaten in the field, one of xiaozi articles)


3, set the pot (there is a stove, no pot can not do, cooking, soup, boiled noodles, Fried eggs rely on him)


4. Barbecue oven (self-drive activity can be brought)


5, small steel cup (environmental protection products, can drink anything, can also be used as a wash cup)


What are the outdoor goods? Lighting in


1. Headlamp (it can be fixed and very convenient)


2. Flashlight (as a backup lighting, it is relatively reliable)


3, camp lamp (can be used in the tent, the effect is very good)


5, fluorescent sticks (have a certain role, is not thrown about, not environmentally friendly)


5, windproof lighter (useful, when necessary can be used for lighting)


6. Fire match (also for emergency use)


What are the outdoor goods? Water with a paper


1. Water bag (suitable for cycling)


2, military lunch box (with a lunch box, this is more practical)


3. Outdoor kettle (effective anti-corrosion, cool color)


4, heat preservation kettle (winter out, drinking hot water is a kind of happiness)


5. Water purifier (professional and necessary)


6. Water purification tablets (easy to carry, water purification effect is average, but can meet the requirements)


What are the outdoor goods? Communication article


1. Mobile phone (the most popular contact tool, the most critical signal and often useless in the wild)


2. GPS(global positioning system, professional toy, can help locate, route and avoid getting lost)


3, walkie-talkie (many people out is more effective, before and after the echo.


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