What are the materials of the collapsible water tank?

- Nov 22, 2019-

What does the water tank do?


The collapsible water tanks produced by lohas industrial co., ltd. range in size from small to large. Then the materials are classified into different grades and different USES. Generally speaking, there are two kinds.

A collapsible bucket is used to hold drinking water with very high requirements and food-grade material TPU. It can be filled with drinking water for cooking, cooking and drinking water. It is generally used for outdoor travel, army training, actual combat exercises, and disaster relief.

 Collapsible water tank used to water the flowers and trees in the garden. This kind of function does not require food grade material, but requires environmental protection, non-toxic, durable, so the use of advanced waterproof water filling material PVC mesh cloth, with different density and thickness of choice.


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collapsible big water tank

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