What are the categories of sleeping bags

- Nov 28, 2019-

There are two types of sleeping bags, mummy and envelope.

Of course, outdoor activities are mainly mummified, but if it is a road trip, you can consider the envelope type, here I will be the default outdoor sports hiking camping, so do not consider the envelope type.

Mummified sleeping bags can be classified by fabric, down and hollow cotton.

To be more specific, there are also fleece sleeping bags, but they are not commonly used. Hollow cotton sleeping bag compressed volume is still not small, and the thermal performance is slightly weaker than down sleeping bag, so the autumn and winter outdoor sports basically do not consider cotton sleeping bag down sleeping bag.

There are different types, depending on the amount of filling, but down bags are usually made of short stubble (the feather on the breast of a duck or goose), long stubble (the feather on the other side of a duck or goose), and filaments (the tiny down that falls off when processing both).

In general, the price of short terrier hair "long terrier hair" fizz, thermal performance and price is proportional. Finally, there is the temperature scale, the international lack of uniform standards for the temperature scale, so you should pay particular attention when buying a sleeping bag. For example, if the environment is around -5 degrees, choose a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of around -10 degrees.

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