Waterproof bag

- Sep 15, 2019-

Waterproof bag water activities, outdoor tourism, diving essential supplies.

The bag is made of waterproof material and waterproof treatment is made on the sewing line of the car.

During water and outdoor activities, you can put your belongings in waterproof bags to ensure that they are dry.


The bag body is waterproof material and the bag mouth is mechanically sealed.

The real waterproof package is based on material technology and waterproof conditions to determine whether it is waterproof.


1: General waterproofing: general waterproofing means sewing waterproofing fabric with needle and thread technology, and then gluing with waterproofing tape to make needle hole unable to enter water.

2: Professional waterproofing: Professional waterproofing can be divided into two types:

A: Waterproof grade is the highest requirement in technology and material. This kind of waterproof bag is mostly used for outdoor drifting. The material is mainly 500D-1000D mesh or TPU compound. The process uses high cycle voltage to heat dissolve two pieces of material seamlessly. The transparent material with transparent and smooth mouth about 15CM is added to strengthen the waterproof bag, which has three folds outside and three folds inside. Only in this way can the water-proofing be achieved. (It can be used as a life buoy after inflating.)

B: Diving waterproof: There is a kind of waterproof bag for telephone or camera on the market. It can be waterproof below 10 meters. The waterproof degree of waterproof clamp can reach the depth of 10-20 meters underwater.

Two finger ski gloves with waterproof inside, usually with TPU or hipora and other waterproof breathable materials to do.

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