waterproof backpack domestic market

- Aug 24, 2020-

In recent months, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has called on the country to export outdoor products while also taking into account the domestic market.

At present, our foldable buckets, waterproof backpacks, picnic mats, picnic bags and other products have also been developed in the domestic market.

For the development of this new market, we also specially recruited 5 new employees who are responsible for the development and sales of domestic and foreign markets.

The most recommended products are travel bags, waterproof bags, and various buckets.

Compared with traditional foreign trade, we used to have many trading companies order such outdoor products from us, and some products are garden irrigation water bags, tree bags, planting bags, etc. These products purchased by these trading companies are ultimately Export abroad.

But this time, our domestic market corresponds to the vast number of domestic consumer groups. We hope that during the epidemic, our products can not only be exported abroad, but also stimulate domestic demand.

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