watering bag styles

- Sep 10, 2020-

The garden irrigation water bags produced by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. come in various styles, including round, waistcoat, barrel, and pillow shapes.

These outdoor foldable water bags are not only novel in style, but also varied in materials, which can meet the needs of mid-to-low-end and mid-to-high-end customers at the same time.

Portable water tanks made of PE material and PVC material are the first choice for African customers, because the price of this material is very affordable, and then it is super convenient to use and very cost-effective.

The garden irrigation water tanks made of PVC mesh cloth and PE mesh cloth materials meet the needs of mid- to high-end customers. These bags for watering plants are far superior to PE materials in terms of density, firmness, durability, service life and environmental protection grade. Therefore, most of our customers currently choose shrub water bags of this material.

Another very advanced collapsible bucket is generally used to hold drinking water. Therefore, the material of this drinking water barrel is food grade, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The material we use is top TPU material, which is soft and comfortable, and has first-class waterproof performance.

With so many different types of water bags, each has its own market and each has its own advantages. Customers are welcome to order, and we can accept OEM and customization.

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