Virus situation in the world

- Mar 19, 2020-

Recently, the epidemic situation in Europe and the United States and other countries has become increasingly serious. Many Chinese manufacturers of outdoor products are already very worried that the next day will be difficult.

Because outdoor products were originally used most frequently in this spring season, and also when European and American countries and regions are in greatest demand. However, due to the epidemic, various countries have also learned from China's experience, calling on the general public to stay at home and go out without incident.

Therefore, many outdoor supplies, such as: camping tents, hiking backpacks, cycling backpacks, water bag backpacks, waist packs, waterproof bags, diving bags, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats or air cushions, climbing ropes, rock nails, safety belts, ascents, descending Device, iron lock, rope cover, ice axe, rock hammer, crampons, snow stick, helmet, snowboard, alpine glasses, down jacket, windbreaker, sweater pants, gloves, alpine boots, winter hat, ice cone, Snow cones, cookers, stoves, multifunctional kettles, drinking straws or water purification cups, compass, telescope, contour map or other information, waterproof lamps, knives, etc.

So many outdoor products can only be temporarily abandoned. The sudden decrease in demand in a short period of time has caused severe trauma to the Chinese outdoor products export industry.

However, we believe that after the epidemic is over, demand will return to its original level and may even skyrocket. Looking forward to the end of the epidemic, when the mountains and rivers are boundless, Guotai Minan, we will bring tents, backpacks, hiking shoes, and go outdoors to see this beautiful mountain and river.

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