ultraviolet disinfection sterilization lamps

- Jun 01, 2020-

Many families now have pets, but pets have a variety of germs, which is very unhealthy for the family's health, especially for families with children, and it is a variety of germs that are popular with pets, including people at home.

In addition to daily cleaning and cleaning, the traditional home cleaning now occasionally uses some 84 for disinfection and cleaning. Everyone knows that daily necessities are harmful to our skin, and the smell is not very good.

But is there any other better way? Household ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization lamps help families solve this problem. 

Disinfection lamp is especially suitable for the disinfection of air and articles in baby rooms, elderly rooms, kitchens, toilets, and living rooms. Because this Sterilization lamp has the function of timing switch or remote control switch, people can be protected from ultraviolet rays during disinfection.

Due to the strong sterilizing power of ultraviolet rays, it is especially suitable for air-conditioned rooms or rooms with closed windows. Especially in the humid weather in the south, we no longer have to look at the sun every day and hug the quilt to get out.

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