Tree watering bag partner Rain barrel

- Aug 06, 2020-

July and August, scorching summer, this time of year is a good time for our tree bags and rain buckets to sell well.

Due to insufficient watering in the first year, many newly planted trees were destroyed or killed. The large-volume rainwater collection bucket provided by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. can be used for garden irrigation, and it is a very good choice to use shrub bags as a supporting tool. This kind of plant drip bag can ensure watering for up to two weeks at a time, thereby helping the tree species.

The 15-gallon plant irrigation bag slowly releases water through the dripper; it is unique among tree watering solutions because it saturates the soil in the first few days and then slowly reduces the water flow (as the water level in the bag decreases, the pressure And the drip rate is also reduced). Reducing watering will encourage the grower's root growth, because the tree learns to adapt to drought.

Once the water in the tree bag l is emptied, fill the bag with water again and repeat the watering process. In the process of dripping water to plants, such as adding fertilizer to the water, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

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