Tree watering bag MOQ, ETD, ETA etc

- Nov 08, 2019-

 In foreign trade transactions, we often see many combinations of large abbreviations, such as MOQ, ETD, ETA, FOB, which seem very simple, but what do they really represent? Let's take a look.

First of all, MOQ stands for minimum order quantity. It is the minimum quantity to be achieved in an order.

Different outdoor garden products have different MOQ, different suppliers also have different MOQ.

For example, the MOQ of most outdoor garden products produced by lohas industrial co., ltd. is about 500 pcs, for example, the MOQ of some products is about 1000 pcs. Picnic mat, picnic bag, waterproof mobile phone bag, camera bag, water storage bucket, fishing bucket, and some products are about 200 pcs MOQ, family tent, camping tent and so on.

The expected arrival time is the time when the bulk cargo arrives at the port, from the time of departure to the time of arrival to the guest's port, and the period in between is the expected arrival time.

Estimated delivery time is the estimated time of mass production.

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