Tree watering bag

- Oct 18, 2019-

The product description

Tree bag is a slow-release watering bag best suited for newly planted or established trees, with branches starting at least 25 inches above the ground. One Treegator original bag is suitable for trunks 1-3 inches in diameter, while two Treegator original bags are compressed back-to-back for trunks 4-8 inches in diameter.

From the manufacturer

Tree bag is a slow release water bag designed for new and old trees. Our green Tree bag provides plenty of water directly to the root system, without runoff or evaporation, helping greatly reduce the effects of drought and transplant shock. Installing the Treegator is simple and doesn't require any tools, just place the bag on the tree trunk, zip it up, and let it drip. The Treegator saves you time, money and energy while watering your tree in five to nine hours. Other products may look like, or even claim to work as or better than the Treegator, but the Tree watering bag is the only slow-release water bag used and trusted by industry professionals around the world since 1990.

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