Travel tips

- Dec 17, 2020-

Travel tips

When going out to play, you should pay attention to the following things to make the trip more smooth and happy.

[Weather Consultation] It is necessary to conduct weather consultation before the picnic, prepare for rain and sun protection, and choose sunny days as much as possible.

[Invited people] Happiness. More people to share is multiple times of happiness. However, to ensure the quality of the trip, it is generally better to control the number of people within 10 people.

[Preparation list] A clear list allows you to enjoy a beautiful and leisure picnic in an orderly manner. For example, you can bring camping tents, camping inflatable cushions, picnic ice packs on your back, outdoor lawn mats and so on. You can also bring a portable pressure water bag, which can be used to wash your hands and vegetables to prevent your hands from getting dirty.

[Diet Hygiene] To prevent the food from spoiling, please put the food into the food warehouse according to the list one by one before the picnic, and pay attention to seal the food that is easy to splash and dirty. When the picnic is in progress, put on a comfortable camping cushion, and divide food and beverages into the cups and trays of the picnic bag according to your needs to prevent insects and ants from crawling.

[Picnic place] The scenic suburbs, seaside and parks are good choices for picnics.

[Safety protection] For self-driving picnics, the driver should consume less alcoholic beverages; do not eat wild vegetables, mushrooms, and wild fruits casually to prevent food poisoning. In the event of an accident, you must deal with it decisively and refrain from complaining about each other, which will delay the time for rescue.

[Environmental protection] During the picnic, please don't throw away food residues and garbage at will. The environmentally friendly folding bag that comes with the picnic bag will make you happy without leaving a piece of garbage. The earth is our cherished home, and the picturesque scenery needs our care and environmental protection, we work together.

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