These four roles of camping tents are worth knowing

- May 31, 2019-

These four roles of camping tents are worth knowing. Camping tents are a lot of people who like camping, because if you are camping, you must use a tent to protect yourself, and you can have a sleeping environment. Let's talk about the four things about the tent.

1. What are the characteristics of the camping tent windproof rope?

The windproof rope can be operated with one hand, adjusting the length and tightness.

2. Can the tent function as a warmer?

The tent can play a role of moderately isolating the cold air. It can not be used as a warming device. The task of keeping warm is done by sleeping bags.

3. How is the tent ventilated and ventilated?

The single layer is ventilated through venting holes, screen doors and screens; the double-layer tent interior material itself is a breathable material, with screens and screen doors, and a venting hole in the outer ledger.

4. What is the role of the camping tent skirt?

The floor skirt can effectively prevent the strong wind from invading from the bottom of the tent, thus achieving the stability and warmth of the tent.

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