the11. 11 online shopping carnival

- Nov 06, 2019-

The next few days will be a big promotion day for China's e-commerce platform 11.11.

Such e-commerce platforms include China's taobao, Tmall and aliexpress, a retail platform that has gone global.

On nov 11, the double 11 online shopping carnival is an online sales promotion day on nov 11. On this day, many online merchants will carry out large-scale promotion activities. "Double 11" has not only made e-commerce keen on promotion, but also operators have started to conduct promotional activities. On November 19, 2015, China unicom launched the "11.11 vo4g carnival" on multiple platforms including unicom online business hall, mobile phone business hall, Tmall flagship store and jingdong mall.

Keeping up with the trend of The Times, lohas industrial co., LTD. Has been producing and selling products required by foreign customers and customizing these products for buyers of outdoor and garden products all over the world.

In the past two years, I also started to think about the international market in terms of retail and started to catch up with the demand of the market in terms of aliexpress.

Lohas industrial co., LTD mainly produces all kinds of outdoor products and some garden products related to water.

Outdoor, such as outdoor water bag, outdoor shower, outdoor portable pressure bag, outdoor waterproof bag, outdoor waterproof travel bag, outdoor picnic bag, outdoor travel camping accessories waterproof tent, MATS and so on.

Garden aspects, such as tree watering bucket, collapsible rain bucket, size collapsible water tank, drip irrigation system.

With the coming of 11.11, all the retail products have promotion activities, welcome to purchase.

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