The development of tents

- May 06, 2019-

Tent development is now more and more popular industry, more and more city people like to use tents to travel, business market also has a lot of applications, next we will be for tent development history and you briefly explain ah.

As a nomadic nation of Mongolia, the tent is the home of every herdsman, this Mongolian tent is often called "yurt". Yurt is a mobile house that Mongolian people have been used to living for generations. The Mongolian capital, ulan bator, was once known as "the city of felt bags", and even today in this modern city, yurts can be seen among the tall buildings. The state palace of Mongolia is a magnificent modern building, in the courtyard of the state palace there is a beautiful yurt, this is the state ceremonial palace of Mongolia, is the Mongolian state leaders meet foreign heads of state and government ceremonial place

There are new developments in the structure and materials of yurts. Steel - framed yurts have been introduced with extra Windows on the front and back to allow better lighting and ventilation. All sorts of modern articles for daily use such as bed, TV, radio were added indoors. The ancient Mongolian architectural art is full of new youth.

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