Spring tour in China

- Apr 09, 2020-

The weather is getting warmer. Although the epidemic is not over, now in China, people can already go outdoors.

Every weekend or holiday, more and more people will bring outdoor tents, camping sleeping bags, picnic mats, picnic bags and other outdoor supplies to the outing.

Find a green grassy meadow, stand by the mountains and the water, open the fast-open tent, lay a waterproof mat, take out the prepared snacks from the picnic backpack, chat and eat the food, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Some people also choose to go fishing by the river, take a collapsible fishing bucket, take it out, fill the bucket with water, put on a collapsible chair, and wait for the fish to hook.

Some people go climbing, carrying a mountaineering bag, picking up trekking poles, putting on hiking shoes, and enjoying the view of the small mountains.

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