Share with you how to carry the tent

- May 17, 2019-

Of all the equipment we need to carry out, the tent is probably the largest and heaviest. How to place it is absolutely important.

Every tent is sold with a bag, and many people are used to collecting the tent. It doesn't matter that it is very troublesome to put it in a well-formed stack. The tents that are collected are often the largest of all our equipment, and the space of the backpack is limited, in addition to the two large heads of sleeping bags and moisture-proof mats.

What's even more troublesome is that many tents are packed in a long tube. If you use a little smaller backpack, it is very likely that you can't put it in. Hanging the tent outside the backpack? It seems to be a good way to save space, but it is not. This guy is very easy to trouble you outside.

The tent is very heavy, and it is not easy to be tied up outside the backpack, unless it is like a brown person. If you need to drill a tree on the route, it is easy to be caught by the branches. If you accidentally scrape it off by the branches, You are terrible. What should I do? The best way is to give up the bond that the manufacturer's design brings to you - throw away the outer bag of the tent and use a large sleeping bag.

When you collect it, you don't have to bother to stack it. Just plug it into the sleeping bag like a sleeping bag. If you want to save the volume, add a sleeping bag compression belt to press the volume to a smaller size. (Looks so savage?!) In this way, the sleeping bag that has been closed is turned into a ball from the original long tube, and it is placed in the backpack to arrange the position.

Another advantage of doing this is that the position of each fold is random at random, and if it is only for the sake of beauty, it can only be received in the original tent bag, so the position of each fold is Fixed, long time this part is easy to age first. After the tent is settled, the rest of the tent pole is much better. It is easy to put it in a backpack or to hang it outside the backpack.

The rougher tent bottom will scratch the hand when it is in the middle of the plug~~ It is better to fold the inner account a few flat cushions on the sleeping bag in the backpack, not too big; the tent pole is placed on the backrest of the bag. The foreign account is lightly placed on the surface of the bag, which can be waterproof. When it rains, it can be quickly pulled out as a poncho. If it is 225, the pole can be pulled out to be a canopy or a dining hall; The bag can be used as a moisture-proof cushion cover, and the moisture-proof pad and the aluminum thin pad roll are put together inside and then hanged outside the backpack, so that more money can be saved.

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