Selection and use of tents

- May 09, 2019-

1, choose outside account do one's best waterproof degree is tall, can blow cloth with the mouth, test its permeability, say permeability is poor commonly, waterproof degree can be very good.

2. Select pole with high demand strength and good resilience.

3. Choose internal accounts with good air permeability.

4, choose the base material should pay attention to waterproof and wear resistance.

5. Double - decker tents are preferred for camping.

6, specification selection is best with the door shed, or think of a larger size.

7, choose the double door curtain is more conducive to ventilation.

Although the use of accounting is not messy, should be said to be a knowledge, the same accounting, properly used, wind, rain function is good, on the contrary is not ideal. Three aspects should be paid attention to when using accounts:

1. Selection of shelter site

Account support should be selected in a relatively flat lot, the entrance and exit should be back to the tuyere, the ground is relatively boring, if there is a thin lawn is the best, such as a slight slope on the ground, the exit should be selected in the slope, so as to facilitate digging ditches drainage.

2, support and fixed

After the bill spreads, should fix bill four corners above all, make the bill bottom is flat on the ground firm, if conditional, the bill below can pad mat of block ground, can protect bill bottom so, still can reach best waterproof action. When supporting the external account, in addition to the link with the peng pole reliable, pay special attention to pull good reluctantly, make the external account taut, in order to facilitate the external account to reach the best rain resistance, there are skirts of the curtain, the use of SARS or soft press, winter can also use snow pressure, so more conducive to prevention.

The Angle of inclination of the ground nail should be 40 degrees from the point of view, and the spacing and direction of the ground nail should be the same axis, and the towing rope should be 90 degrees from the ground nail, which is conducive to reaching the maximum strength. In the fixed order should pay attention to the corresponding fixed, such as: first left front Angle, followed by the right back Angle, right front Angle, left back Angle, fixed refurbishment account, adjust the rope pull line so that all aspects of the force together. After holding the curtain, look at the interval between the internal accounts, if posted together, will affect rain and dew prevention, should be adjusted.

3. Dig drains

Camping, if every rain, dig drainage ditch procedures must not be saved, drainage ditch should be close to the outside of the curtain, if not with the skirt of the curtain, the location of the ditch should be outside the curtain flow of water into the ditch is appropriate, drainage ditch dug near the curtain, so that the water can be smoothly discharged.

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