rainwater collection barrels

- May 16, 2020-

Today, a customer added another 5,000 pcs orders for outdoor rainwater collection barrels. The delivery date is the same as the last order, around June 10.

Due to the recent surge in orders from LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd., the delivery time was very tight. Moreover, many parts have to be purchased, and raw material procurement also takes a certain amount of time.

For example, our collapsible rain bucket, 225L, the pole supporting the rain tank needs to be customized, and the anti-UV material for the outdoor rain tank needs to be newly purchased, as well as the zipper on the lid.

Therefore, the delivery date of these additional rainwater tank orders is to be discussed with the customer, which is scheduled for June 20, and is currently in the process of consulting with the customer.

If there is no accident, the order of the rainwater collector will come down, and we will make arrangements immediately to avoid missed delivery.

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