Rafting tips

- Aug 15, 2020-

Summer is a good time for rafting. So what should we prepare for rafting and what should we pay attention to when rafting?

First of all, of course, prepare kayaks and floating bags.

Floating bag is actually a kind of waterproof bag, but it has special accessories that can be used to exhaust the air, and then this kind of water bag can be tied to the body to function as a life jacket. What's even more amazing is that this foldable life-saving bag can put clothes and so on, so as to prevent the clothes from getting wet.

When drifting, because the sun is full, you need to bring enough sun protection equipment, such as sun hats, sunglasses, sun protection clothing, etc., to avoid sunburn. Take care of the exposed skin, and prepare sunscreen cosmetics, because it will get wet, so bring enough.

When rafting, the current will be very urgent, so don't wear shoes that cannot be fixed on your feet, such as cooling pads. This avoids accidentally dropping the shoes into the water and causing no shoes to wear.

Because you will be in the water, you must prepare a change of clothes and shoes. It should be replaced in time after drifting to avoid colds and colds.

If you need to eat in the wild, you need to bring food, or camping tents, mats, etc. Even if you are not camping, you must prepare snacks and water when you go out to play. Not every field will encounter mountain springs.

Because it will get wet, mobile phones, cameras and other electronic devices that are afraid of water should be placed in ultra-light waterproof bags separately, so you don't have to worry about getting your valuables wet or losing them.

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