Quality control of collapsible rain barrels

- Nov 02, 2020-

Collapsible rain barrels' qulity control route

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has a history of producing outdoor products for nearly 15 years. It has gone through the stage from exploration to professional formation. Now combined with the valuable experience of foreign trade, the gains and losses at this stage are described as follows (using a foldable rainwater collector As an example):

   First of all, the quality management work at the rainwater barrel production site should be carried out from several aspects: human, machine, material, method, environment, and measurement.

   people mainly focus on improving the quality awareness of the foldable rainwater buckets, the proficiency of the outdoor collapsible rain barrel 26 gallon, and whether they comply with the requirements of the collapsible rainwater water tank operation instructions. It is mainly reflected in whether employees are aware of the impact of the process quality characteristics of the production of collapsible water tank on the quality ofcollapsible collector water tank , whether they are operated in accordance with the process requirements of the collapsible water tank PVC  and respond to bad situations, and whether they can implement the first inspection of the finished foldable water tank process. Self-inspection and mutual inspection ensure the frequency and accuracy of inspection.

   What is the status of the equipment on-site of the rain bucketfoldable water tank garden machine? Can we guarantee the quality requirements of the foldable collection water tank? Equipment accuracy, fixture accuracy, tool accuracy, equipment adjustment frequency and maintenance status. Keep the equipment working under the most suitable conditions.

Material confirmation is to control the raw materials of the collapsible water barrel, whether the raw materials of the collapsible rain water barrel we use on site meet our processing requirements, and what consequences will some of the defective parts such as the zippers of the collapsible water storage barrel have on our subsequent production? It is said that after the batch defect occurs, it is confirmed by analysis that it is the cause of the outsourcing or our own. If it is the cause of the outsourcing, the outsourcing should be selected, rework or repair. In short, we strive for zero defects in the outsourced parts of the portable collapsible rain barrel.

  The inspection of garden micro irrigation system is the focus of my daily work. To achieve the results of this work, I realize that keen insight is an indispensable ability. This requires that I always form a basic framework in my mind that can cause the non-conformities of the rain barrel quality problems and the non-conformities of the system, procedure documents, and instructions, and know the consequences of each non-conformity.

This is actually the quality awareness of  the collapsible rain bucket. Having such awareness will enable oneself to find problems in a natural situation and take timely measures. In addition, insight also depends on the discovery of potential hazards, and effective measures can be taken to avoid them before they happen.

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