Precautions for loading tree bags

- Oct 30, 2020-

Precautions for loading tree water bags

In the second half of the year, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. is always delivering goods. Such as tree bag watering system delivery, for example. If the number of 20 gallon tree watering bag is less than 10,000 pcs, the tree watering bags irrigation will be distributed. Directly notify the courier company to come to our factory to pull the goods, and then they will ship the goods to the port.

If the number of slow release tree watering bag is relatively large, more than 10,000. Bulk cargo is not suitable at this time. You have to take the whole cabinet, and the whole cabinet is packed in one container. The containers are 20GP, 40HQ, and 40GP. Choose the appropriate type of container.

Then, after the cabinet arrives at the factory, the tree bag irrigation are moved into the container as required. In order to prevent the tree bag from shaking and deforming during transportation, it is necessary to fasten the outer box of the tree bag with a firm hook and rope after the tree bag is filled, and finally tie a protective net on the outermost of the container.

In this way, the container can pull the tree bag away, and the water bags for plants will be sent from Shanghai or Ningbo port, and then arrive at the destination port of the customer.

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