Picnic lunch time

- Mar 21, 2020-

In the past spring, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. will organize all employees to go out for a spring outing and bring our own outdoor products, such as picnic backpacks, camping tents, picnic mats, folding buckets, and various barbecues. Appliances, all employees have a picnic together.

During the period, Someone set upcamping tents ,   some one get water,  somebody wash vegetables and dishes, and someone  unfold the mats. It was lively and very happy.

However, this year, due to the new coronavirus, our company cancelled such collective spring outings. However, the company allows a small group of three or five employees to bring outdoor products produced by our factory to the countryside for activities.

Funding for all activities can be reimbursed to the company's finances. Therefore, some employees are also actively signing up to participate.

I hope that the epidemic will end soon. We can also take advantage of our good times to bring our automatic quick-open tents, put on picnic mats, open picnic bags, eat good food, talk to the sky, and enjoy a rare good time.

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