Picnic bags from Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Nov 10, 2020-

picnic cooler bag are now used quite frequently and are very popular all year round. Because it can be used for outdoor picnics or daily life, a Insulated Picnic Bags is used to hold various foods and maintain the temperature and freshness of the food. It is a kind of outdoor luggage.

But as outdoor luggage, picnic backpack with blanket have special features. It is a multifunctional backpack for outdoor picnics. Its consumer groups are people between the ages of 25 and 40, who have a certain degree of cultural literacy, and pursue family and quality of life.

If it is a young couple going out for fun, a picnic backpack set for two is very suitable for them. If family members are out, then we can choose large family picnic bags, there are 4-person picnic bags, 6-person picnic backpacks, etc.

The picnic bag can not only hold food, but also other items that need to be kept fresh, such as a bag specially equipped for insulin. There are other items specially installed that require heat insulation.

Recently, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. specially developed a new type of picnic backpack, which is improved on the basis of waterproof bag.

On the surface, it looks like a regular waterproof bag, but when you open the waterproof bag and look inside, you find that the structure inside is the structure of a picnic bag rucksack, with heat insulation layer, aluminum film, etc., fashionable, light and simple, suitable for carrying out.waterproof picnic bag

picnic bag rucksack

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