Outdoor tent material choice aluminum rod is good or glass rod is good

- Jun 13, 2019-

There are many types of outdoor tents, but the materials are divided into two types: glass fiber and aluminum alloy. These two types of struts are simply referred to as glass rods and aluminum rods. Two tents of the same quality are matched with struts of different materials. There will be a big difference, for example, a double tent, the aluminum pole is several hundred more expensive than the glass rod, so what is the difference between the glass rod and the aluminum rod? Which is better?

It is best to say which kind of support bar is the best answer, because it depends on your use. If you are a family, you can buy a tent for outdoor driving and use it for a temporary break. Buying an aluminum pole tent is naturally too wasteful. Because after all, it is a self-driving tour, where the car can be camped, even if the tent is heavy, it does not matter. In this case, I buy a glass pole outdoor tent. I think it is the best choice because the price/performance ratio of this tent is very high.

For long-distance travellers, the weight-bearing problem is critical. Two sets of brackets of the same length and the same diameter are more than half the weight of the aluminum rod. It is inevitable to encounter windy weather in the camping on the mountain. The wind resistance of the glass rod is about 5, and the good aluminum pole tent can withstand the wind of the 7th level. In the case of accidental damage, such as the break of the pole, the aluminum rod shows its own advantages. The fracture of the aluminum rod is in the form of a cross section. Just add a repair sleeve at the broken position. Continue to use, and the glass rod is different, the glass rod is of fiber nature, and the break is simply broken and cannot be repaired at all.

Based on the above analysis and comparison, aluminum pole tents are indeed superior to glass rod tents, but good quality is based on high prices. The best is not necessarily the most suitable, depending on the environment.

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