outdoor tent

- Oct 16, 2019-

An outdoor tent is a temporary shelter that stands on the ground to protect it from the sun and wind. Multi-purpose canvas, together with the support of things, can be removed at any time transfer.


Tents are carried in parts and assembled on site, so parts and tools are needed.

Understand the name of each part and how to use, familiar with the structure of the tent, in order to quickly and easily put up the tent.




1, according to the use is divided into: leisure account, camp account, mountain account, advertising account, engineering account, disaster relief account

2, according to the seasonal function: summer account, three season account, four seasons account, mountain account

3. According to size, it is divided into: single account, double account, 2-3 account, 4 account and multiple account (base camp).


4, according to the design is divided into: single curtain, double curtain, single bar curtain, double bar curtain, tunnel tent, dome tent, half double......

5. According to the structure, it is divided into: metal support tent and yatuofan inflatable tent.


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The tourist tent should belong to the collective equipment, by the regular participation, often has the actual use need person to own. New person can attend a few activities, the demand that has certain experience hind buys according to oneself again. Choose a tent based on the main use, consider its design, material, wind resistance, and then consider capacity (can sleep several people), weight, etc.

General camping tent more yurts, 2-3 carbon fiber tent poles, to provide better rainproof performance and a certain windproof performance, air permeability is also better. Four seasons tent or high mountain tent is tunnel type more, 3 above aluminium alloy tent pole, have the auxiliary design such as rope of numerous ground nail, windbreak, select material more firm and durable. But many mountain tents are not rainproof and are usually heavy, making them unsuitable for outdoor travel on weekends (except in extreme winter conditions). The climate conditions of spring, summer and autumn in the area around Beijing are not too complicated.


Choose and buy tent mainly consider durable, wind and rain resistance performance. Winter basically USES high mountain account, at present the brand on the market is numerous, fish and dragon jumble, mark the performance is very outstanding, but also for fake goods more. Fakes don't always mean poor quality. Sometimes you can pick up a excellent quality and reasonable price product. It takes vision, patience and luck.

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