outdoor products in Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Jul 31, 2020-

Currently, epidemic prevention materials are still in short supply.

Many factories have switched industries and started to change products and make epidemic prevention materials. For example, Wuling Company has made masks, and a company that makes plastic products has made protective masks. There are also many factories that make hand sanitizer and so on.

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. also purchased machines for making protective masks, and made protective masks for some old customers in response to their needs.

At present, some protective masks, masks, disposable masks, etc. are exported every week.

However, our main products are still outdoor products. Many old customers have placed orders in recent months. The products ordered are 20L waterproof bag, foldable rainwater collection bucket, water tank, tree bag, portable pressure bath bag and so on.

When the order is busy, we all recruit a lot of new employees, and conduct all-round training for these new employees. After the training is qualified, he will be officially employed.

Welcome guests from home and abroad to inquire us.

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