outdoor garden products are lovely

- Nov 18, 2019-

At the beginning, people who do business in foreign trade are full of enthusiasm. They sort out all kinds of outdoor products and garden products, such as mountaineering bags, waterproof bags, backpacks, outdoor sleeping bags, beach tents, tree bags, foldable rain buckets, drip irrigation bags, planting bags, etc. to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these products, their selling points, etc. 

After a long time, their passion will subside and they will find a problem People outside want to look for work when they retire. In his words, only work can have the value of being alive. What's more, after getting familiar with many foreign guests, they will talk about various topics that are not very relevant to their work. For example, a guest mentioned more than once that when he got older, loneliness would come to him. Ha ha, that's right. In China, if it is not for economic embarrassment, we usually like to enjoy our old age. The cultural differences between countries are really big!

When it comes to the word loneliness, I feel this kind of feeling inexplicably recently. Once upon a time, the heartless self in the crowd seemed to be silent a lot. Some feelings, no more. When I saw a paragraph, I felt very sad.

Original. Time really takes something away. For example: enthusiasm. Dream. Easy satisfaction.

Original. Growth is bound to lose something. For example: simple. Be curious. make blind and disorderly conjectures.

As for the dream once told to friends, I'm afraid it can only be a dream.

The foreign trade of outdoor garden products has been done for so many years, and the work that once was so persistent and loving gradually began to be tired and began to lose enthusiasm and satisfaction. I have thought about leaving this industry more than ten times. It's better to be a little teacher than to be a foreign trade teacher. Ha-ha. This feeling is so strong, but I still don't have the courage to take this step.

Is it true that everyone will be tired of their work after a few years in the society? Start to think that friends around the work are very interesting? It's a little inside and outside the fence.

However, after that period of tiredness, I suddenly began to revive with blood. I felt that my outdoor products, garden products, foldable rainwater buckets, large drinking water buckets, even water bags were lovely, and I had a good feeling for these products. Ha-ha

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