online Canton Fair

- May 01, 2020-

During the May Day period, some colleagues asked us if we wanted to participate in the online Canton Fair.

After comprehensive consideration, our company decided not to participate in the online Canton Fair for the time being.

The reasons are as follows:

1. We have our own website,, where the products include, foldable rainwater collection barrel, tree bag, plant bag, greenhouse, shower tent, shower bag, picnic mat, picnic bag, etc.

2. Many peers said that the online Canton Fair is the first time, and many deficiencies must exist. Wait and see, look at the feedback after the end of this online Canton Fair.

3. The cost of participating in this online Canton Fair will not be much lower than before. We are outdoor products, such as beach mats, picnic backpacks, waterproof bags, foldable buckets, these are in the category of outdoor leisure sports products, and some garden products, plant water bags, rainwater tanks, garden heating houses are in the second phase , Are not cross-usable.

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