New market development for sand free beach mats

- Jul 24, 2020-

New market development for sand free beach mats

Our company's newly developed product sand-proof mats are selling very well in recent years.

Due to the epidemic, the current situation in the US market is very sluggish, so beach mats are currently hindered in the US market.

However, beach mats were originally used on the beach, as well as grass and picnic scenes.

Some time ago, we received an inquiry from an Israeli customer who has a keen interest in this sand-proof mat. After a series of communication, he also gave us Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. a 5,000 foldable beach mat.

In this regard, we conducted a special study on the Israeli market. Because Israel is close to the sea, there are large sandy beaches nearby. Every summer, they have to go to the beach for vacation and play on the beach.

Moreover, the consumption level of the Israeli people is not low, and they also know how to enjoy and travel. Therefore, while selling beach mats in large sizes, we also sell waterproof bags. The waterproof bag is also a must for swimming, Suxi, and going out on rainy days.

At present, foldable sand pads and ultra-light waterproof bags are very popular in the Israeli market. Therefore, we will definitely conduct in-depth research on this market and further develop new markets.

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