Need to pay attention to the use of the tent assembly and installation

- Jun 06, 2019-

Tents are a kind of product that people like to use when they go out to play, especially when they are going to play outdoors in the evening, but do you know about the use of tents, the installation place, etc?

Tent is a kind of outdoor products. In the process of using, people are more worried about the problem of building it. When building it, there are also a lot of skills. When installing it, you need to prepare the things that need to be assembled first. Generally, there are 8 universal rods and three sets of end frame tees and medium crosses that have been pressed and fixed to form three sets of chevrons and are connected. Remove the universal rod 4 and the end frame tee, the middle frame cross-link to form a frame;

After assembly, the basic structure of the tent is formed, and the whole cotton liner is placed on the three sets of herringbone frame. At this time, we need to adjust the position so that the cotton inner canopy is aligned with the middle pole of the herringbone frame, and then The outer top cover is placed outside the three sets of herringbone liner and the position is adjusted; after repeated adjustments, the canvas tent is set up!

It is also very important to build a seat. If you are in a high open area, you should move down. If you are in a low-humidity area, you should move up. The ideal place should be windproof and rainproof. High, and this place is not threatened by falling rocks or avalanches.

The density of hot air is less than that of cold air, so cold air is often extracted at the bottom of the valley. When the temperature is low, it is easy to form wet fog and frost. In some areas, there are many platforms for receiving rainwater along the slopes, where it is relatively humid and the other parts of the hillside are relatively dry.

The ideal location should also be close to the water source. There are plenty of trees available around. Don't build the tent too close to the water source, it is very vulnerable to mosquitoes, and the sound of water will interfere with your judgment. The danger will be Will not be aware of it, or miss the rescue team.

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