N95 Mask from Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Mar 28, 2020-

Recently, due to the new type of coronavirus, there are many customers who need masks in LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd., and we are explicitly asked to help them purchase masks.

It happens that the brother of our company owner has a factory for making masks. They have been very busy these days and have been producing masks.

At the customer's request, we intend to help customers purchase masks. All masks are priced according to the quotations of the boss's brother factory, and do not make money for the customers.

At present, there are already two customers, one is an American customer, and the customer who previously ordered  portable pressure bags and shower tents from us, he placed an order for 20,000 pcs kn95 here.

The other is a German customer. Customers who previously came to us to order foldable rain buckets and garden irrigation water bags have ordered 10,000 pcs N95 masks here.

If others need it later, please feel free to contact us.

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